Yoga Classes

Specifically Tailored to Your Physical Abilities

A Teacher Like You

When Pamela Monaco completed her Physical Therapy for frozen shoulder at Optimum, Glenn suggested transitioning to yoga for maintaining mobility. Falling in love with yoga, Pam soon realized the challenge of keeping up with the younger, ultra-flexible yogis who dominated her classes. After undergoing yoga teacher training, she is now making yoga accessible to more diverse individuals. Her classes provide modifications for those with physical disabilities and embrace all body types. Maintaining open communication with Optimum's physical therapists allows her to tailor classes to participants' specific needs. More advanced students seeking challenges will also find that her classes have plenty to offer.

Physical Therapy Informed Practice

With your consent, Pam will discuss how to modify poses and design classes for your specific needs with the PTs at Optimum

No Judgement Zone

Most participants have a physical limitation they need to work around. Feel free to push yourself, modify a pose, or skip a pose completely without needing to explain yourself.

Challenges for Advanced Yogis

All classes will include a variety of pose modifications. Opt for the more advanced modifications to test your abilities!


Classes are $25

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Do I need to register for class or can I drop in?
You do need to register.
If you are coming to class with a physical limitation, please register at least 48 hours prior to class so that we may prepare an appropriate PT-informed routine for you.
If you don't have a physical limitation or don't need a PT-informed routine, we don't need the 48 hour notice, but registering still reserves your spot in the class.

How difficult are the classes?
Beginner to intermediate for now. We may open an advanced class in the future if we see the demand for it.

More questions?
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