Total Motion Detox

Let's heal your body and accomplish all your health and fitness goals!

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In the workshop we will learn:

Mistakes that you make

People often make mistakes while training and getting back to the gym, which leads directly to an injury.

Why your body changes?

You will learn what influences your body and why we get out of alignment.

Injury prevention

You will learn what you can do about it and reduce your risk for injuries.


I had a hip replacement and got physical therapy for it, I was amazed how much it started to revolutionize my respect and duty to my body in so many ways beyond the hip! Thanks so much Bettina and Rising Sun for all your help!

-Bill E.-

"Great place ,amazing and knowledgeable team . I came here because I got problems with my legs and my back posture. After few therapies I feel like new . Now I'm able to walk better and my back posture is straight now . Thanks for everything. I will definitely recommend everyone to come to this place."
-George R.-

"I have been a patient/client of Rising Sun PT for several years resulting from a strained back. Bettina helped me back to better thoracic spine health than before. This allowed me to continue an active lifestyle including longer distance cycling. I then developed a pain down my calf which could not readily be stretched out. Moriah then stepped in to provide Deep Tissue Laser Therapy which fully addressed the problem after about 8 sessions. Highly recommended professionals."
-Mary M.-