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Golf Performance and Fitness

Looking to improve your swing, increase distance off the tee, and move better in your everyday life? We offer golf fitness programs from Titleist Performance Certified Institute instructors to help take your game to the next level. Golf Fitness is about being fit to play the game at an individual’s highest level and doing so without causing injury. 

TPI Certified Physical Therapists

Therapists with TPI certifications are unique in that they have a clinical background in Sports Medicine Physical Therapy. They can identify issues with your golf swing as well as make recommendations for how to fix those issues, and treat you with a customized Physical Therapy program.

TPI Performance Program 

Our TPI golf performance and fitness program is run by Danny Nicinski, DPT, who has both level 1 and 2 certification.  

Danny’s expertise in orthopedics and sports medicine, combined with the TPI program, will provide a comprehensive, golf-specific physical examination and a customized golf strength and flexibility program specific to the individual golfer’s needs.

What to Expect

  1. Step by step personalized breakdown of the movement components of the golf swing.
  2. An individualized exercise program based on the assessment to improve areas that either lack mobility or strength.
  3. Each person will have access to regular follow ups with our TPI certified therapist for further guidance or advice.

If rehabilitation from a present injury is recommended or required, we will work with your insurance or doctor to initiate treatment.

Working With Cray Physical Therapy

Cray Physical Therapy is a therapist owned company specializing in orthopedic and sports rehabilitation. Founded in 2009 by Shawn Cray, DPT, CSCS with one goal in mind; to deliver the highest quality of care as possible. This is achieved at Cray Physical Therapy by implementing core values. Having a strong belief in establishing a bond of trust between therapist and patient. Making sure patients are evaluated and treated by the same licensed therapist therefore achieving this bond. Confirming that each treatment session is a duration of one hour and always on a one to one basis. An unmatched level of care that sets us apart from most of our competition. Lastly, implementing a focus on education during treatment because we believe it assists in recovery. Education also prevents future injuries.