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Are you in pain? Do you feel limited or unable to perform physically? Does your body feel stiff? Do you feel like you're "getting old" before your time?

Contrary to what you've heard your whole life, you DO NOT have to live in pain, even as you get older!

Our physical therapists are experts in identifying movement dysfunctions that can often result, over time in pain or discomfort. We believe that everyone should have their joints, muscles, and movement patterns assessed regularly to ensure optimal physical health. 

If your ability to move well and pain-free has changed, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding joint or muscle pain, please use the form above to request an appointment!

Schedule your FREE Discovery session TODAY space is limited!

What is a Discovery Session?
  • A Discovery Session is an opportunity to sit down 1-on-1 with one of our Doctors to discuss any issues or concerns regarding your overall physical health and performance. This session can be done in person or virtually.

Who will benefit from a Discovery Session?
  • Those suffering from acute and/or chronic pain.
  • Those who want to improve their posture and move better.
  • Those who want to become better athletes.
  • Those who are ready to start taking care of their bodies.

During your FREE Discovery Session, one of our Doctors will:
  • Sit with you and discuss the history pertaining to your issue or concern.
  • Perform a screening of your general flexibility, strength, postural alignment and overall movement quality.
  • Work with you to create a plan of care that will help you meet your goals and maximize your potential.

"I mean, really this team is hands down THE BEST physical therapy team I have ever been with. I have been in and out of other facilities and never really connected with them the way I connected to Dr. Gonzalez and the team at PARC. I came in with a strain to my left knee, an old injury I had agitated, and from my initial consult and through each subsequent session I was greeted with a warm smile and made to feel like I was one of the family. Each session began with a recap of how I was feeling, a warm compress to loosen the knee, and then the workout would begin. Every step of the way Dr. Gonzalez and his team would be right there if I needed anything; this is what sealed the deal for me you really feel like you’re the only patient in the room during your time even though you may be working out with other patients. I cannot recommend this team enough and really encourage you to see them if you need some PT. My knee feels stronger than ever thanks to this amazing team and facility."

  • Stephen V.
What our patients think of us!

"Great atmosphere and an amazing staff!! Highly recommend to anyone seeking physical therapy. Dr. Alex helped me with TMJ and neck pain that I used to suffer from daily. Now, I barely ever have pain and I have been given the tools and exercises to continue to relieve the pain and build strength miles away while at college!!"

  • Sofia M.

"Dr. Alex, Cindy, and his whole team are truly amazing! Look no further! These guys are the best!

I discovered PARC physical therapy after dealing with some of the worst pain I’ve ever felt stemming from inflammation in my joints, specifically the SI joint. Before my visit I had multiple MRIs done, and doctors had given me all sorts of diagnoses, from various types of cancer to trauma.

The first time I sat down with Dr. Alex, I was l scared and in severe pain, but what him and his team did for me not only physically, but also emotionally, is something I can never say thank you enough for!

This office is like a family. Through every step of the process they’re there for you. You can tell they want to help you get better, but more importantly they want to teach you how to STAY better. From therapy, to fitness classes - They do it all, and they do it with heart!"

Marina R.