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What is a Running Assessment?

There are many things that can influence pain and efficiency during running. A thorough running assessment helps to determine what can be improved to reduce your pain and help you run faster.

You will meet with a Physical Therapist who will take a thorough history and do a physical assessment. Then, a high speed video will be taken of you running, and analyzed in slow motion to find the problems that need to be fixed. You will come away with actionable items to help you improve immediately!

Key Points about Your Assessment:

- You will need to wear running shoes as well as running shorts. You may be asked to tuck in your shirt.

- You will be asked about your average pace, footwear, training program, and your goals.

- Exercises and instructions on form will be given specific to your running!

What our patients

"I can't recommend Align Physical Therapy enough. They consider the lifestyle you want to lead and are genuinely interested in helping you to reach your goals."

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are saying about

"I go in with aches and pains and I leave feeling great! ."

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working with us!

"My daughter has made so much improvement reducing the curves of her Scoliosis thanks to the team at Align Therapy!"

  • Angenette I.