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"....just finished my first Telehealth session and it was fabulous. I was able to discuss issues from the comfort of my home and assess the exercises previously given. The interaction worked great – receiving new exercises and adjusting current exercises. Was skeptical about telehealth but now a fan.. Thank you!" - JS, 2020

Learn more about the benefits of Telehealth Physical Therapy

Experiencing Symptoms?

Staying Safe at Home?

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Consider Telehealth

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is using HIPAA compliant audiovisual telecommunications to provide healthcare advice. 



  1. Continuity of care for at-risk and tentative patients.
  2. Can be utilized as a supplement to in-person care or 100% telehealth.
  3. Improved accessibility – no travel, finding childcare or juggling busy schedules.
  4. Potentially lower your overall cost and physical therapy visit usage.
  5. Increased coordination with other medical providers.
  6. Easy to upgrade your home exercise program.
  7. Can easily provide anatomy education, utilizes videos, animations, diagramming personalized pictures to help you gain a better understanding of your symptom and solutions. 

Does insurance cover Telehealth?

Maybe and likely in the not too distant future. The laws and insurance reimbursement are changing rapidly. To be certain, you will need to speak with your health insurance company or utilize our cash pay rates.

What are your self-pay rates?

  • $30 for a 15 minute session
  • $60 for a 30 minute session
  • $90 for a 45 minute session

While Telehealth can't replace manual one-on-one therapy, it really can be exceptionally helpful with moving you down the road to recovery.

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