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If your tired of back pain and want to heal it naturally, this is for you!

If you are trying to avoid surgery, taking pills and getting injections in your back, this workshop is for you. Most back pain sufferers can recover and heal if they fix they're problem early enough.

Relief without surgery

Most back pain sufferers can recover without surgery. It's important to know the healthier you are and the sooner you address the cause of your lower back pain, the better.

Relief without Drugs

There's a time and a place for pain killers but not as a long term fix for back pain. The fewer drugs needed to handle pain after a new injury will help in the epidemic of prescription drug abuse.

Relief without Injections

Painful injections may have side effects including blood sugar spikes with diabetics, breakdown of cartilage and are also not a long term fix for back pain..

What is the workshop about?

We will be talking about the anatomy of the back, 3 main causes of back pain the best activities to heal the back naturally as well as the most common mistake back pain sufferers can make.

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Who is this workshop for?