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Why Atlantis Fyzical Therapy?

For more than 35 years Atlantis has earned the trust of the South Bay's physicians and patients. We pride ourselves or designing personalized program with the goal of reducing pain, increasing movement and function, and improving the quality of life.

Physical therapists are the experts in identifying movement compensations that can often result in pain or discomfort. If your ability to move well has changed, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding joint or muscle pain, please use the form above to request an appointment! Remember, including physical therapy visits as a part of your routine health can limit injury prevalence and decrease your overall healthcare cost.

During your appointment, one of our skilled therapists will:

- Take a complete musculoskeletal history and learn about the pain you are experiencing.

- Perform an initial evaluation and selected physical tests to see what is working well and what needs some help for the area(s) in question.

- Give you a home exercise plan that will help you meet your recovery goals.

What our patients

"I used to be very active and worked out, hard, 3-5 times a week. Age is catching up with me and now for the last two years, I have been in pain and agony. Thanks to Atlantis and my home exercise program I am back in action and pain free."

  • Rhonda S. - El Segundo

are saying about

"This is the best Physical Therapy Center bar none! Take my word for it. I've been to 10 or more physical therapy offices in the Torrance area during the last 20 years. Many have great reputations, but they can't compete with Atlantis."

  • Yuki T. - Palos Verdes

working with us!

"I have visited the Atlantis on two occasions during past three years, both for sports-related injuries on the recommendation of my doctor ensure a proper healing and to prevent future recurrences. The staff at Atlantis have a genuine interest in helping people and conduct themselves as a professional healers. Highly Recommend!"

  • George H. - Torrance