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A) Does your child lag behind his/her peers developmentally?

B) Does your child struggle in school?

C) Does your child have difficulty with the following:

  • feeding/swallowing challenges?
  • understanding and following directions?
  • speaking clearly or fluently?
  • oral expression or overall communication?
  • initiating and maintaining conversation?
  • relationship between sounds and letters?
  • reading?
  • spelling?
  • writing?
  • organizational skills at school and home?
  • mobility (e.g., walking, running)
  • performing fine and gross motor tasks at home or school?
  • attending to tasks or activities?
  • social skills or exhibiting appropriate behavior at home or school?

D) Does your child have a history of documented academic, speech-language, fine or gross motor, physical, attentional, social, emotional, & behavioral problems at school?

E) Does your child have a disability (i.e., autism, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, multiple disabilities, other health impaired, speech-language, etc.)

F) Does your child receive special education services?

G) Do you think your child requires more speech-language, occupational therapy, physical therapy, or special education services than he or she is receiving in school?

H) Are you having difficulty understanding your rights and responsibilities as a parent of a child with disabilities?

I) Do you just need someone to talk to about your child’s overall development or academic progress?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions or you have lingering concerns about your child’s academic, communication, physical, or social development, then don't delay, call (240-245-4370) or email ( us today! We can help.  

Virtus Et Scientia, LLC d/b/a, Children’s Evaluation & Therapy Center (CETC), is a pediatric outpatient therapy Center based in Lanham, Maryland (Prince George’s County) that provides therapeutic (speech and language and occupational therapy) services for children and adolescents (birth-21 years old).

We have years of experience providing services to children and young adults ages 0-21 with a wide variety of developmental delays and disabilities. Our highly qualified staff take a holistic approach in evidence-based practice to provide effective therapeutic interventions with a host of delays and disorders (e.g., Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Global Developmental Delay, Neurological Conditions). We provide an enhanced environment to help children and their families succeed. Our team will collaborate with you to proactively address your specific needs. Available services include consultations, assessments, and ongoing therapeutic sessions.