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Why do physical therapy?

One, physical therapy provides a natural pain relief without drugs and the side effects of invasive, and sometimes expensive, surgery. Two, it’s highly recommended by the CDC for chronic pain. Three, rehabilitation programs, like physical therapy, can help reduce health care costs and improve outcomes at the same time.

But, why do physical therapy at DPT?

Because our four physical therapists — Dr. Burns, Dr. Sina, Dr. Zylik, and Dr. Schramm — will craft a highly individualized, personalized care and rehabilitation program for a better, healthier you.

Here at Novi DPT, we specialize in individualized, expert orthopedic manual care. We believe that what brings you to physical therapy is unique, therefore our treatment plan is tailored to you.

During your appointment, the majority of it will be spent one-on-one with one of our skilled physical therapists, providing hands-on manual therapy.

Some believe that physical therapy is only for athletes, but we think that life itself is a contact sport. Let us help you be ready for whatever aches and pains come from your sport, whether it be cooking, gardening, teaching, or even something considered more traditional, like football. We want to know, what’s your sport?

What our patients

"I have been a patient at Novi DPT off and on for the past 10 years. Dr. Sina is caring and gives you his full attention. All of the staff are friendly and fun to be around. I'm going to miss hanging out with them when I am released from this round of PT."

  • Michelle R.

are saying about

"Dr. Burns literally saved my life! I had a severe back injury and avoided surgery and was able to walk pain-free again because of his world champion care!"

  • Kyle K.

working with us!

"Dr. Burns and his staff are very capable and personal while addressing your PT challenges. You won't be disappointed! Give them a try."

  • Don K.