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Why physical therapy?

Physical therapists are the experts in identifying movement compensations that can often result in pain or discomfort. If your ability to move well has changed, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding joint or muscle pain, please use the form above to request a free 10-minute virtual consultation over Zoom! Remember, the sooner you address a movement problem, so greater chance of successful treatment.

During your appointment, one of our skilled therapists will:

- Ask about the pain you are experiencing.

- Observe the quality and quantity of movement that you have.

- If appropriate: provide a couple simple home exercises or tips.

What our patients

"Awesome experience @ Advanced Physical Therapy. Everyone is professional, experienced and caring. They are very accommodating and are truly interested in helping me, in every way, to get back to normal. I'm a repeat client because of the great success I've had @ APT."

  • Ray M.

are saying about

"This is a first class operation! I pinched a nerve aerating my lawn last week and couldn't get in to see my PCP. My wife called APT and they got me in for an appointment that day! Combination of heat, massage, traction and exercises and I am back to normal. Dave and his staff are accommodating to a fault. Highly recommended - can not thank you guys enough!"

  • Marty L.

working with us!

"The staff at Advanced Physical Therapy are knowledgeable and professional. The facility is modern and always very clean. I am very happy with the variety and advanced treatment type I am receiving. My Physical Therapist is pleasant and attentive."

  • Paul O.