The body will follow what the mind tells it to do, right or wrong, good or bad.

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Why get physical therapy?

We believe that everyone should have their joints, muscles, and movement patterns assessed regularly to ensure continued physical health. Physical therapists are the experts in identifying movement compensations that can often result in pain or discomfort. If your ability to move well has changed, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding joint or muscle pain, please use the form above to request an appointment! Remember, including physical therapy visits as a part of your routine health can limit injury prevalence and decrease your overall healthcare cost.

During your appointment, one of our skilled therapists will:
  • Take a complete musculoskeletal history and learn about the pain you are experiencing.

  • Perform an initial evaluation and selected physical tests to see what is working well and what needs some help for the area(s) in question.

  • Give you a home exercise plan that will work to achieve your personal goals.

What our patients

"Altitude Physical Therapy employees set out to do their best for their clients. Their focus is providing the best possible care, which they accomplish. There are no words to do justice to the level of care this group provides to its clients."

  • Ruth C.

are saying about

"Highly recommend visiting Altitude, the team is amazing. Some of the best athletes in Boulder trust this crew to get them healthy and back competing at the highest level. They also do great work on mere mortals, like me."

  • Michael D.

working with us!

"Remember, if it's physical, it's therapy, until it isn't, lol. In all seriousness, I am unaware of any other practice of PT that allows one the undivided attention of a Physical Therapist one on one for 30 minutes in this day and age of over managed health care."

  • David H.