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Why pool therapy?

At Cullman Regional Therapy Services, our heated therapy pool is just waiting for you to get in and exercise with us! There are many benefits to performing your exercises in a pool setting such as increased buoyancy to take stress off of your back, hips and knees. People with arthritis find that it is easier and less painful to exercise in water.

Another benefit is the increased warmth the heated pool provides. The soothing water lessens stiffness in joints and provides pain relief as well. Our patients report that they can move more freely and perform more exercises in the pool than on land.

If you enjoy the water or want to give this type of exercise a try to improve your mobility and pain, please ask your doctor about an order for pool therapy.

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Features of our pool therapy-

One on one therapy sessions with licensed staff

Heated to 90-92 degrees

Salt based pool is better for skin than chlorine

Handrails around edges for safety

Depth of 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 feet

Pool lift chair to assist people with limited mobility (350 pound weight restriction)

Dressing room, showers and lockers available

Doctors order is required for pool therapy.