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What would you like to be seen for? (Evaluation or Screening and what is your current problem)

At Fremont Therapy & Wellness during your free screening one of our skilled therapists will: 

- Take brief musculoskeletal history and learn about the pain or issues you are experiencing.

- Perform an quick screening.

- Give you information on if therapy can help or assist you in seeing a physician that specializes in the problem if further medical attention is needed.

Can Therapy Help?

There are several things Physical and Occupational Therapy at Fremont Therapy & Wellness can help with AND is often covered by insurance.

  • General issues we see include: Low back pain, plantar fasciitis (foot pain), rotator cuff pain, Parkinsons Disease, Sports injuries, Running injuries, Post-Baby Pelvic pain, Bladder & Bowel Issues, Carpal Tunnel, Knee pain.

  • Post-Op Therapy: Total Hips, Total Knees, Spinal Fusion, Total Ankle, Elbow Surgery, Carpal Tunnel Release, ACL Reconstruction,

What Makes US Unique?

We are locally owned and staffed with local therapists. We offer several specialty areas including Hand Therapy, Pelvic Therapy and Aquatic Therapy. All therapists are certified in Parkinsons Rehab. We have 3200 square feet with equipment and areas for athletes to rehab. We offer BOTH PT & OT services if needed. We offer Virtual visits as well as Home visits.

Fremont Therapy & Wellness

(Located behind Greens Floral at 14th & Bell)

1445 N. Bell St.

Fremont, NE. 68025

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