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RVNAhealth Therapy Center

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$30 per session

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RVNAhealth Introduces a New Wellness Class

Balance and Beyond


RVNAhealth is excited to announce the introduction of its new public fitness class, “Balance & Beyond.” An ongoing twice-weekly drop-in class (come for one or come for all!) that focuses on building muscle, restoring balance and improving your walk or jog, all while giving your brain a great workout!


Balance can be a life essential to preventing falls and keeping daily activities of life within our control. The old adage of “use it or lose it’ doesn’t ring more true when it comes to strength. This is why Andrea de Lange, RVNAhealth Physical Therapist, is so passionate about bringing balance and strength classes to the public. 


“This program is beneficial for so many people -- whether you are just looking to improve your strength or balance to improve quality of life, or you are looking for a customized fitness program to assist with medical conditions such as Parkinson’s, arthritis, or autoimmune disorders,” says de Lange. “This circuit training class will have you moving through a series of stations including boxing, agility training, and functional mobility conditioning – all customized to meet your fitness levels and goals. And there is plenty of time for questions and personalized instruction and feedback!”


Andrea de Lange is an experienced Physical Therapist and certified LSVT BIG practitioner with a long history of working with the outpatient orthopedic and neurological population. She possesses a strong background in the treatment of spine, extremity injuries and pain, as well as neurological impairment, with a focus on people with Parkinson's disease.


RVNAhealth’s Balance & Beyond classes are offered every Monday and Thursday from 12:00pm-1:00pm at the RVNAhealth Therapy Center located at 27 Governor Street, Ridgefield. Class fees are $30 per class. Please sign up above to receive and sign class waivers. Following that, to ensure class space (limited to 6) and expedite payment/check-in, please register for class dates in advance by calling 203.438.7862, or email ( 

For questions, please contact the RVNAhealth Therapy Center at 203.438.7862, email

Andrea de Lange, PT, Cert. MDT, LSVT BIG, CDP

Andrea de Lange has been a practicing physical therapist since 1990 with a focus on both orthopedic injuries and neurological disorders.  

She is certified in mechanical diagnosis and treatment (MDT) from the McKenzie Institute USA, a Certified Dementia Practitioner as well as the LSVT method for treating people with Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders. She enjoys working with a variety of clients and helping them get back to doing what they enjoy.

Andrea received a Bachelor of Science degree in physical therapy from Ithaca College. She is an avid skier and biker and loves spending time with her husband and two daughters.

Living BIG class Mondays 1:30pm

Meet with Kristine Greco, MPT, LSVT BIG, CCVR for a circuit class geared to get you to move BIG

Strength & Beyond class Thursdays 1:30pm

This higher intensity interval training class will have you moving through a series of upper and lower body strengthening, mobility, balance and cognitive stations.

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