Our goal is to make the billing and insurance piece as simple as possible.

It is important to us that your questions are answered and your billing is correct and timely. Please let us know if any of your experiences fall short and we will reach out to rectify the situation.

Ask a question about your account! You can request that we email an update for balances owed, specific receipts, or any other questions you may have.
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Innova Physical Therapy Team

Innova’s office manager: Danielle: ddavis@innovaphysicaltherapy.com

Innova’s owner: Bret: bswigard@innovaphysicaltherapy.com

Billing and claims specialist:

Anita: achung@innovaphysicaltherapy.com

Innova’s team of providers:

Kristin: khowe@innovaphysicaltherapy.com

Katy: ksmith@innovaphysicaltherapy.com

Heidi: hmcgill@innovaphysicaltherapy.com

Kevin: kbonilla@innovaphysicaltherapy.com

Megan: mweidlich@innovaphysicaltherapy.com

Eddie: egordon@innovaphysicaltherapy.com

Colleen: cbickel@innovaphysicaltherapy.com

Ashley: amelton@innovaphysicaltherapy.com

Madi: mengel@innovaphysicaltherapy.com

Kelly: kanderton@innovaphysicaltherapy.com

Innova Patient Care Coordinators (Scheduling):

Melissa: mmiklason@innovaphysicaltherapy.com

Renay: rferguson@innovaphysicaltherapy.com


Thank you for keeping connected with us through your rehabilitation and beyond!