Intersex, Transgender, and Non-Binary Pelvic Health

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Located in convenient downtown Redmond. Our second floor suite is the perfect place to restore, revitalize, and renew!


1 on 1 care with your licensed provider
no use of aides or assistants
"The therapists really do focus on each person they see. They also are very knowledgeable and stay current in their education. All of the therapists I've had here are the best I've had anywhere!" - SB


We emphasize education and empowerment by teaching our patients the cause of their problem and how to effectively self-treat for a lifetime.

Examples of conditions specific to Intersex, Transgender, and Non-Binary Health

Physical Therapy can also help to address the following conditions:

Side effects of binding, including back pain, chest pain, poor posture, shoulder pain, numbness, and scarring

Urinary dysfunction associated with packing and/or tucking

Pelvic pain, changes in walking pattern, and muscle tension in the legs associated with packing and/or tucking

Urinary tract infections due to tucking as the urethral opening is placed close to anus, as well as compression of the urethra leading to urinary dysfunction.

Urinary Retention or other issues related to stand-to-pee devices