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Why Choose Innova Physical Therapy?


1 on 1 care with a specialized Physical Therapist

60-minute-long appointments

No use of aids or assistants

Hours of operation: 7am to 7pm, Mon - Fri

Free parking on site

Achieving optimal health is a life long journey. We are your advocates, your support system and your team of PT experts. We specialize in both the art of manual therapy and the science of strength and conditioning. We use the best evidence based medicine and combine it with innovative and cutting edge interventions to achieve long lasting results.

We treat you as a whole person, not just an injured body part.

Your initial visit begins with a supportive conversation with your physical therapist (PT) so they can understand how your condition affects your quality of life.

Using a holistic approach allows your PT to not only assess your primary complaint but all body regions that could be contributing to your health.

Throughout the examination your therapist will explain their findings, relate them back to your symptoms, and craft an individualized treatment program designed to reach your goals for optimal function.

Together we can Restore, Revitalize and Renew your body.

"During each session, he does not just make me do exercises but asks how I feel and conduct tests before providing a customized treatment plan. Bret will also let you know if he thinks he can no longer help, instead of wasting your money while making no progress. " 

Tom Y.

"The absolute best physical therapists you’ll find anywhere." 

Sean L.

"Innova is truly the best... I feel cared for and seen by my therapists and know that I am receiving the best care."

Sarah O.