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Why GØAT physical therapy?

At GØAT Physical Therapy we place a strong emphasis on an “active approach” to recovery. This means that our focus is on providing the client/patient with the necessary knowledge and skills to be an active participant in the process of rehabilitation. We believe that this approach allows for improved recovery times, better long term outcomes and the ability to provide clients/patients with a skill set to self-manage injuries in the future. Our goal is to return clients/patients back to a fulfilling and productive life as quickly and safely as possible. An active approach to rehabilitation, in conjunction with our compassionate and caring therapist we will help make a stressful situation more manageable.

During your appointment, we will:

- Talk to you about your injury, beliefs about your injury as well as your short and long term goals

- Perform an initial evaluation and selected physical tests to help determine what strength or deficits are leading to your symptoms..

- Give you a home exercise plan that will help you meet your recovery goals.

Trust the Process

Go Beyond the Physical

Pay Attention to the Details